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You might remember a while back when we excitedly announced our Silver award from the Farm Shop & Deli Awards, awarded to our Popped Veggie Sweet Chilli Crisps. With 2022 now coming to a close we are even more thrilled to announce two further wins we have been awarded with.

Our second win of the year, from the Health & Wellbeing Awards, was becoming the Healthy Snacks Winner under the Eat Well category for our Popped Veggie Salted Crisps.

Finally, we were delighted to be awarded with Best Value for the Post-Race Nutrition Award, from Women’s Running. Awarded to our Popped Protein Salt & Black Pepper Crisps.

The testers at Women’s Running said: “These get a big thumbs up from me. As a savoury fan, having a high protein crisp like snack after a race is a total game-changer.”


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