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A range of innovative, delicious, healthy snacks with a fair price and great crunch.

All natural with lower calories, a source of protein, high in fibre, low in fat, saturated fat, gluten free, vegetarian, almost all vegan..and tastes good!

Three family concept (Core – Veggie – Protein)


Morrisons | Poundland | Lidl | Nibblers | Costco

 American Fizz | American Sweets | Protein Pick & Mix | Grape Tree | So Sweet Shop |
Arena 100 | Amazon |

Ocado | Fortitude Supplements

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GH Protein Cheese & Onion 85g.png
GH Veggie Salted 1 85g.png
GH Popped Sweet & Salty 85g.png
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Available in the following range:

Core (popped chips):

  • [85g x8] Sweet BBQ

  • [85g x8] Sea Salt 

  • [85g x8] Sweet Chilli

  • [85g x8] Sweet and Salty

Veggie (popped veggie):

  • [85g x8] Sweet Chilli - chickpea, beetroot and pea 

  • [85g x8] Sour Cream - Soya, Pea

  • [85g x8] Salted - Soya, Pea

Protein (popped protein):

  • [85g x8] Sweet BBQ

  • [85g x8] Cheese and onion

  • [85g x8] Salt & Black pepper

If you would like to stock Good & Honest in your store drop us an email or call +44 (0) 1932 267470

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