Pure natural spring water

Coastal Spring water is bottled in the beautiful Cornish countryside where our bottling plant

harnesses the wind via our turbines taking us ever closer to a totally self sustainable site.


Since the launch of Coastal Spring we have raised over £138,000.00 supporting lifeboat charities with a donation paid on every bottle sold.


Available in:

250ml - 330ml - 750ml Glass Bottles - Still and Sparkling

500ml - 750ml Plastic Bottles Still and Sparkling


On behalf of Coastal Spring and our amazing lifeboat volunteers a big thank you to all our customers for their support and we look forward to raising further funds helping to make our beaches and seas a safer place to visit.

If you feel Coastal Spring would be right for your own business please contact:

Simon Beale

Tel. 07568 547052


St Austell Brewery | Adnams Brewery | Burgh Island Hotel | Paul Ainsworth | many independent licensed outlets.

Available in the following range:

  • [250ml x24] & [330ml x24] & [750ml x12] Glass bottle Still

  • [250ml x24] & [330ml x24] & [750ml x12] Glass bottle Sparkling

  • [500ml x24] PET Flat cap bottle Still 

  • [500ml x24] PET Flat cap bottle Sparkling

  • [500ml x24] PET Sports cap bottle Still

If you would like to stock Coastal Spring in your store or restaurant drop us an email  or call +44 (0) 1932 267470