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Pure natural spring water

Coastal Spring water is bottled in the beautiful Cornish countryside, where our bottling plant harnesses the wind via our turbines, taking us ever closer to a totally self sustainable site.


Available in:

250ml - 330ml - 750ml Glass Bottles - Still and Sparkling

500ml - 750ml Plastic Bottles Still and Sparkling


Coastal Spring Water are delighted to be in partnership with

The National Independent Lifeboat Association, since the launch of our spring water we have raised over £170,000.00 supporting lifeboat volunteers.


There are over 70 Independent lifeboat stations around the UK who are completely reliant of donations and fundraising to run their operations.


A massive thank you to all our customers and if you think Coastal Spring would be of interest for your own business it would be great to speak with you.

Please contact:

Simon Beale

Tel. 07568 547052


St Austell Brewery | Adnams Brewery | Burgh Island Hotel | Paul Ainsworth | many independent licensed outlets.

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Available in the following range:

  • [250ml x24] & [330ml x24] & [750ml x12] Glass bottle Still

  • [250ml x24] & [330ml x24] & [750ml x12] Glass bottle Sparkling

  • [500ml x24] PET Flat cap bottle Still 

  • [500ml x24] PET Flat cap bottle Sparkling

  • [500ml x24] PET Sports cap bottle Still

If you would like to stock Coastal Spring in your store or restaurant drop us an email  or call +44 (0) 1932 267470

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