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Delicious food waste-fighting snacks

Snact uses wonky fruit that would otherwise be thrown away to create delicious snacking fruit bites. Available in 3 flavours that not only taste great but are helping the environment.  

Snact is on a mission to create more taste, less waste. Packed with all the nutrients of flawless fruit.

Vegan and gluten free. No added sugar, colours, flavours or preservatives. Made in the UK. 


Ocado and Numerous Wholesalers

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Available in the following range:

  • [20g x20] Apple and Mango Fruit Bites

  • [20g x20] Apple and Raspberry Fruit Bites

  • [20g x20] Apple, Blueberry and Banana Fruit Bites

If you would like to stock Snact in your store drop us an email or call +44 (0) 1932 267470

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