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L.G. Pathak and his family moved to London in 1956. Struggling with work his wife

Shanta started making Indian sweets and snacks to sell, soon enough, word spread

and queues would form at their front door.


After opening a small shop selling Indian groceries, the family evolved and ideas grew

into producing sauces that would make making a curry simple. And the rest, is history.

Today Patak’s is a household brand and has the highest awareness in the Indian

branded food category. These delicious flavourful snacks set the tone of the nations most

loved cuisine, they are ideal for a pre Indian meal appetiser as well as being perfect just as

a snack on their own. 

The UK's favourite Indian brand



Ocado and various

independent stores.

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Available in the following range:

  • [200g] Bombay Mix Tikka Masala

  • [200g] Bombay Mix Korma

  • [80g] Bombay Mix Tikka Masala

  • [80g] Bombay Mix Korma

  • [80g x 12x3] Bombay Mix Tikka Masala Pub Cards

  • [80g x 12x3] Bombay Mix Korma Pub Cards

If you would like to stock Patak's in your store drop us an email or call +44 (0) 1932 267470

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