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An expansion of the Huligan Pretzel range, they now have a new line of pretzels which are smashed.  Not only are they tasty, crispy and fun they are also a better-for-you snack which are baked, vegan and contain no preservatives.

Sea Salt - bursting with crispness, smashed pretzels with sea salt.

All Seeds - delicious and crunchy smashed pretzels with a mix of seeds: white sesame, black sesame & poppy seeds for a greater taste.

Sesame - unique smashed pretzels with malt for extra flavour and darker colour; sprinkled with white sesame for a more distinctive taste.

No preservatives. No palm oil. No MSG added.

Available in the following range:

  • [70g x20] All Seeds

  • [70g x20] Sesame

  • [70g x20] Sea Salt


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If you would like to stock Huligan in your store drop us an email or call +44 (0) 1932 267470

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