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Lotus Root Crisps
Original Seaweed Crisps

Now meet, the Korean taste

The traditional Korean snack, ‘Bugak’ is made by using 100% natural ingredients such as seaweed algae and laver, lotus root, burdock, kelp and fresh seasonal vegetables, based on the recipe of Oh Hee-sook, who is an officially recognised a ‘Grand Master’ for making the Korean snack.


Bugak crisps are a low-calorie, GMO-free and gluten-free healthy snack that contains no chemical colourings, MSG, preservatives and trans fats.


Fresh to the UK market and available to purchase at Ocado.

Available in the following range:

  • [30g x12] Seaweed Original 

  • [30g x12] Seaweed Chilli

  • [30g x12] Lotus Root Crisps

If you would like to stock Bugak crisps in your store drop us an email or call +44 (0) 1932 267470

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