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We at GFT Retail love snacking. From traditional bags of delicious potato crisps to new and innovative delicious snacks like pressed popcorn crisps and kale chips. We’re passionate about all of our snacking brands we put to market in retail and food services so they can be enjoyed throughout the UK and Europe.


Based in Surrey UK, we have expert experience in product development distribution and complete supply chain solutions, with multiple warehouses. We provide a diverse range of high quality original and innovative snacking products to leading Supermarkets, Wholesalers, Online Grocery Retailers and Food Service in the UK and Western Europe.  


Our dedicated team are always on the hunt for the latest and tastiest snacks which is why our inspiring brand portfolio continues to grow with established, as well as newly discovered, snacking brands from the UK, U.S and all over the world.

We are proud members of ESMA - The European Sales and Marketing Association.



For all enquiries including brands, suppliers and invoicing queries, contact us via post, email, phone or simply use the email form below. 

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