Award-winning popped crisps

Join the snack revolution with Corners, crispy and crunchy popped corn crisps. No more settling for ‘better for you’ snacks that taste like cardboard. No more post-snack guilt. Corners use corn from non-GMO farms and simple ingredients that are easy to pronounce. No gluten or trans fats. Just a better taste, and an even better snack.

The American version 'PopCorners' are selling fast in the US and are attracting a huge fan base. Soon to be equally as popular here in the UK and across Europe. 


Pop Corn Sweet & Salty - 2* Great Taste Award

Pop Veggie Sea Salt & Balsamic - The Grocer New Product Award


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Available in the following range:

Pop Corn:

  • [85g x8] Mature Cheddar

  • [85g x8] Sea Salt 

  • [85g x8] Sweet Chilli

  • [85g x8] Sweet and Salty

  • [28g x18] Sea Salt

  • [28g x18] Sweet and Salt

Pop Veggie

  • [85g x8] Chickpea, beetroot and pea - salt & balsamic

  • [85g x8] Chickpea, beetroot and pea - sea salt

  • [85g x8] Corn, peas and bean - sea salt

  • [85g x8] Corn, peas and bean - sour cream and onion

  • [28g x18] Chickpea, beetroot and pea - salt & balsamic

  • [28g x18] Corn, peas and bean - sea salt

Pop Protein:

  • [85g x8] Sweet barbecue

  • [85g x8] Sour cream and onion

  • [85g x8] Cheddar and onion 

  • [28g x18] Sweet Barbecue

  • [28g x18] Cheddar and Onion

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